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Clinical24 turns 8

Apart from being an established supplier of specialist medical staff, offering great rewards and benefits, Clinical24 is a power brand full of passion and devotion. By encouraging staff and providing a safe environment for development, our C24 teams are constantly growing.
The company culture is driven by teamwork and unity. Support is given in every aspect, from booking mental health sessions to guidance on how to develop and achieve personal work goals.

Why our staff love Clinical24

Yes, we are committed to providing quality care within hospitals and nursing homes, but we also provide quality care to our internal staff. In celebration of our 8th birthday, we asked the respective teams to tell us why they love working for Clinical24.
C24 Scotland says, “I love working for C24 as it is a forward thinking and supportive company who push you to be the best you can be. The full team work well together, and it is great place to begin your career!”
Across the UK and Ireland, the teams love working with Clinical24 as there is such a supportive group of colleagues and a great working environment. Our other teams made the following comments:
“We love working here because it is like a family. Our days are full of laughs, and we are there for each other when we need to be. None of us would have met without this company so thank you from everyone at C24 NI.”
“Everyone is helpful and willing to assist, that is truly the definition of #family #passion.”
“We are the epitome of Teamwork, Happiness and Joy! Every day is amazing in the office working with co-workers that have the most positive energy. “
As we celebrate the gift of another year to C24, we celebrate a year of being able to make a difference in the lives of our nurses, HCA’s and the patients including different clients at large.
Happy Birthday C24!!!!