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Referral Terms and Conditions 2024


  • Referrer – A person who recommends a potential New Worker to Clinical24 Staffing Ltd.
  • Referral – A New Worker who has not previously worked for Clinical24 Staffing Ltd or a Worker who has not worked for Clinical24 Staffing Ltd within the last 12 months.
  • Worker – Someone who has previously worked for Clinical24 Staffing Ltd.
  • New Worker – Someone who has not previously worked for Clinical24 Staffing Ltd or who has not worked for Clinical24 Staffing Ltd within the 12 months prior to the Referral Date.
  • Referral Date – The date that the Referral is received by Clinical24 Staffing Ltd.
  • Referral Bonus – Payment to the Referrer.
  • Qualifying Criteria – The criteria that must be met by the Referral.
  • Scheme – The individual scheme that Clinical24 Staffing Ltd has created to provide the opportunity for Referrals to be made and Referral Bonus payments earned.
  • Compliant – Clinical24 Staffing Ltd follow various framework guidelines to register our candidates. Once they have passed this stage, they are deemed compliant and are able to undertake agency work.
  • Permanent placements – a referral who is seeking a position to be hired on a permanent term basis.
  • Temporary Placements – workers are engaged only for a specific period of time, seasonal or casual work.


Clinical24 Staffing Ltd’s ‘Refer A Friend’ scheme is applicable to Referrers who refer qualified Nurses, Midwives or ODPs looking to work in the UK for temporary placements and Referrals who complete the required working hours with Clinical24 Staffing Ltd. 

Clinical24 Staffing Ltd’s Permanent placements scheme is applicable to Referrers who refer qualified nurses, midwives, RMNs or any other NMC/HCPC Registered candidates wanting to apply for a permanent placement. 

Qualifying Criteria

  • Referral – For a Referral to qualify it must be submitted by the Referrer via phone, email, post or the online form on the Clinical24 Staffing Ltd website. The outcome of the Referrer giving Referral details to Clinical24 Staffing Ltd will be for the relevant consultant to contact the Referral with the intention of registering them as a New Worker and then securing them work engagements.
  • Professions – For a Referral to qualify, the Referral must be a qualified Nurse, Midwife or ODP.
  • Worked Hours – The Referral Bonus will be payable once the Referral has worked 150 hours with Clinical24 Staffing Ltd within the first six months of their first shift after becoming Compliant and those hours have been authorised and accepted by Clinical24 Staffing Ltd’s client(s).
  • Permanent Placements – Referral must complete 3 months in post for referrer to claim their Referral Bonus.

Referral Bonus payment

  • Bonus Amount – The Referrer is entitled to claim the bonus amount worth of vouchers once the Qualifying Criteria have been met by the Referral.
    • Reward rate:

      HCA  -  €150

      RGN -  €350

  • Claiming a Bonus – It is the responsibility of the Referrer to claim their Referral Bonus Payment no later than three months after the Referral has completed the required hours by contacting their consultant.
  • Bonus Payment – A Bonus Payment is made to the Referrer once the Referral has met the Qualifying Criteria and the Referrer has requested payment.

General Terms

Clinical24 Staffing Ltd reserve the right to reject a Bonus Payment request:

a. If the Referral has previously registered with Clinical24 Staffing Ltd within the past 12 months;

b. If the Referral has not met the Qualifying Criteria;

c. If the Referral works for Clinical24 Staffing Ltd.

d. If Clinical24 Staffing Ltd see fits to do so due to any other reason or circumstance that they deem justified.Clinical24 Staffing Ltd reserve the right to:

a. vary the terms and conditions of the Scheme at its absolute discretion; or

b. cancel or discontinue the Scheme without having to pay any outstanding claims, introduce a replacement scheme, offer compensation or inform Referrers.